Analysing information on the NSP indicators

Analysing information on the NSP indicators

The National Strategic Plan for HIV, STIs and TB (NSP) sets a number of targets for South Africa to reach by 2016. In this table we track our collective progress against a number of key targets or indicators. The table reveals that in many areas we have outdated statistics, or no statistics at all. This is partly unavoidable, since it often takes a year or two to analyse the available data and to produce with reliable estimates.

That said, there is significant room for improvement when it comes to the sharing of existing data by among others the National Department of Health (DoH) and the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC). We are hoping that this will improve. We have pieced together the indicator table from a variety of sources. We wrote to both the DoH and SANAC to ask for their latest figures. The Department of Health did give some input. After meeting SANAC CEO Dr Fareed Abdullah we are pleased to report that SANAC together with among others the Health Systems Trust and University of Cape Town are preparing a report on NSP indicators, which is due for release during June 2014. Our analysis and collation of information on existing indicators is intended to shed light on what is happening in our fight against HIV and TB. In this spirit, we welcome any corrections to the figures presented here or suggestions for alternative sources of data. This table will be updated in future NSP Review editions and as data becomes available on our website


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Table compiled by Thuthukile Mbatha