Health DG welcomes new guide to National Health Act

Health DG welcomes new guide to National Health Act


SECTION27 recently published the third edition of its National Health Act Guide. South Africa’s Director General of Health MALEBONA PRECIOUS MATSOSO wrote a foreword for the guide – which we have reproduced below. The full guide can be downloaded here.  


Government has a huge responsibility to provide health care services and to regulate the private sector, but it cannot operate alone. Civil society and individuals must speak up and government must listen, to ensure that we have a health care system that serves all the people of South Africa.

At a time of great policy shifts and a struggling health care system, which is both public and private, I welcome the publication of the third edition of The National Health Act Guide. I encourage everyone with an interest in health to use the Guide and to become an activist for positive change in our health care system. This publication must be on every policy maker’s table, on every manager’s desk, in every health worker’s pocket, and in every student’s bag. 

 MALEBONA PRECIOUS MATSOSO is the Director-General of the National Department of Health. This foreword was written in March 2019.