In-depth: Is pain management in SA up to scratch?

Many people in South Africa unnecessarily suffer from chronic pain due to system failures, poor access to expensive medicines, and lack of sufficient medical education on pain management. What’s worse is that even though morphine is cheap and easy to administer – those who do need palliative care often don’t receive it. Elsabé Brits takes an in-depth look at how we deal with pain in South Africa.

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How death is handled in health facilities – Can we do better?

There is nothing humans can do about the fact that everyone dies eventually, but there may be room to do better when it comes to how some doctors, nurses, and care workers break the news of dying and death; and also how they give practical support to a grieving family. Ufrieda Ho looks at what measures are in place to guide healthcare workers, patients, and their families through this process in health facilities.

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COVID-19: Palliative care needed now more than ever

As COVID-19 infections and deaths increase in South Africa, the need for palliative care has become more apparent. Tiyese Jeranji spoke to palliative care specialists and a family about the challenges they face in accessing and providing palliative care services during the pandemic.

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