Ambulance bases of shame

Ambulance bases of shameAerial pics and the pics over the wall of ambulances: Buthelezi EMS’ new ambulances on a smallholding in Eikenhof in the south of Johannesburg waiting to be branded.

An ambulance base has to comply with a certain set of minimum requirements contained in among others the National Health Act. At the end of last year, the Department of Health published a new set of regulations which detail exactly what the requirements are for an ambulance base.

The new regulations can be read here

Spotlight recently sent a photojournalist to four Buthelezi EMS bases. Two in the North West, Klerksdorp and Potchefstroom; one in the Free State, Bloemfontein; and what is suspected to be a central base or headquarters in Eikenhof, Johannesburg.

Images from Bloemfontein and Potchefstroom specifically, show filthy yards, bare insides with no evidence that it is an ambulance base and further evidence that safety and hygiene is not a priority. The images are published alongside our series of investigative articles #Health4Sale.

Picture credit: Spotlight