North West doctors release open letter calling for end to closure of health services

Over 70 North West doctors have released an open letter expressing their concern over the impact the ongoing labour action is having on the delivery of health services. Although they support the grievances of the protestors, the doctors said that as “care givers, we have been silent for too long. We have taken an oath to “do no harm” and in our silence, we have contributed to harm. This cannot go on as we are concerned about methods used which include closure of health care facilities that affect the health of our society.”

Read the full letter here: Letter of Concern Health Crisis NWP (iii).

7 Replies to “North West doctors release open letter calling for end to closure of health services”

  1. The concern is very genuine and legit. This fully supported as health is an essential service and should not be compromised

  2. I concur with the concern group, the health care of our society is a democratic right which should not be traded fr anything. Denying society access to health facility is a genocide crime. I support the call fr cease fire and non hindrance of public health institution and I further encourge politicians to fund better legitimate ways of solving their problems without endangering lifes of our society.

  3. I fully support the statement made by the health professionals. The means to achieve the legitimate demands are compromising the health of the poor and vulnerable.

  4. As we blame strike, the very society should be condemned for attacking the health care professionals that have gone out of their comfort zones to deliver critical medicines to clinics

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