VIDEO: The Price of Gold

  Judgment in the historic Silicosis Class Action, Bongani Nkala and 55 Others v Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd and 31 Others, will be handed down in the South Gauteng High Court tomorrow (Friday 13 May 2016) at 9am. If the class is certified it will be the largest class to ever be certified in South Africa and it allow hundreds of thousands of gold miners and their families to access justice and redress. This short clip tells the story of some of the gold miners, the advocacy that has happened and the role of the amici.

Silicosis: an epidemic of racism?

As the judges of the South Gauteng High Court prepare their findings in the massive silicosis class action case, GroundUp’s Pete Lewis reflects on the failure of the compensation system to protect black mineworkers from the disease, condemning them to poverty and destitution.

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Silicosis: will there be justice?

For decades, gold mining companies in South Africa have failed to take the necessary steps to protect their employees from inhaling dangerously high levels of silica dust. As a result, hundreds of thousands of former mineworkers have developed silicosis or contracted tuberculosis.

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