A print and online publication monitoring South Africa's response to TB and HIV, the state of our health systems and the people that use it and keep it going.


The National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV, STIs and TB 2012 – 2016 provides an over-arching framework for South Africa’s response to HIV/AIDS and TB. You can read more about the NSP itself on the website of the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC).

NSP Review is a publication aimed at providing critical analysis of the NSP, monitoring of its implementation, and promoting awareness and education in support of its successful implementation. In short, our aim is to help make the NSP deliver better treatment, care and support for people living with and effected by HIV and TB.

Review is available as a print magazine, as a downloadable PDF, on ISSUU (a web-based publishing platform), and as a normal website (the site you are now on). All articles from the print edition are also published online.

NSP Review is jointly published by the Treatment Action Campaign and SECTION27. The production of NSP Review is financed through a grant from the South Africa Development Fund.